About Us

homepage-triangel-3With these many advantages, FUE technique has become widespread throughout the world.

In this competitive market, some patients make decisions based on price rather than quality.

To the economic structure and the salary level, Turkey can actually offer hair transplant procedures with a very high quality and with good prices. Here we can offer international standards and especially for European much cheaper prices.

In our clinic we clearly defines our standards:

  • The environment and areas of operation
  • Safety and cleanliness measures
  • Patients’ rights and quality of care
  • The confidentiality of personal information is protected
  • Patient satisfaction is guaranteed and the procedure is done as required and the patient’s wishes
  • Emergency equipment

A hair transplant procedure is an operation that should be personalized and planned with the patient and his needs and the result he wants.

Hair transplant has an aesthetic appearance but also helps boost self-confidence.